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Step two – Four 75‐minute Marriage Preparation Sessions


We’ll schedule four (75 minute) sessions at your convenience and use results from the PREPARE‐ENRICH inventory. You’ll complete exercises designed to help couples celebrate and improve their relationship skills.


 Discussion topics may include:

  • Couple & Family Closeness & Flexibility

  • Belief Systems

  • Roles in Relationship

  • Family and Friends

  • Children and Parenting

  • Sexual Relationship

  • Leisure Activities

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication

  • Personality Issues

  • Marriage Expectations

Extra sessions can be scheduled for an additional fee.

Step three – Marriage Prep Certificate of Completion

At the completion of our four sessions, you will be provided with a Certificate of Completion. This is useful for couples who require a marriage preparation program as condition for marriage.


Step four – After your wedding: a complimentary session

A complimentary session can be scheduled within your first twelve months of marriage. 

Course Fees


The Marriage Preparation Course is $500 +HST and includes:


  • Follow up session after your wedding.

  • Focus on areas relevant to you as a couple.

  • Four 75‐minute sessions with a relationship specialist.

  • PREPARE‐ENRICH Relationship Inventory.

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