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Getting Started with Marriage Preparation


Helping you prepare for a lifetime of love,
not just your wedding day...


Marriage preparation is an investment in your future together. It may be the only form of marriage insurance around. This marriage preparation course is couple focused and will provide useful tools so you can create and nurture a healthy, loving relationship. 


Marriage Preparation affirms and celebrates your areas of strength as a couple while helping you to explore growth areas in your relationship.


Maybe you’ve established a life and home together already. Marriage preparation will still benefit you at any stage of your relationship because a strong marriage course invites a facilitated discussion and reflection with a relationship specialist.


You can explore strength and growth areas; develop a more balanced relationship;  strengthen communication skills;  explore and manage major stressors; discuss financial planning and budgeting; establish personal, couple and family goals and develop new ways to understand and appreciate personality differences.

Step one - Take the online Relationship Inventory


You’ll begin with each partner independently completing an online PREPARE‐ENRICH relationship‐inventory questionnaire.
There are no right or wrong answers, and nobody passes or fails.


PREPARE‐ENRICH identifies your unique strengths and challenges as a couple based on:


  • 12 Relationship Scales ‐‐ communication, conflict resolution,
    roles, sexuality, finances, beliefs and more

  • 5 SCOPE Personality Scales

  • 4 Couple and Family Scales

  • 4 Relationship Dynamic Scales

  • 30 Customized Scales

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